Knowing how to take video of your swing is an important skill to have. Being able to capture your swing the same way every time allows you to compare your swings in a consistent way and communicate effectively with your coach. Use the images below as a template to film your own swing.

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Down the Line Video

Down the Line

Face On

Face on Video Setup

Camera Fundamentals

Stand 5 Paces Away

Giving yourself enough space between the camera and the subject will all you to have space around you in the frame, to see the full motion.

Camera Height

The camera height is important because it can change the appearance of the club path. Having the camera at the same height as your hands is ideal. However, it is acceptable to have the camera between your hands and your sternum.​

Hold steady

Use some type of stable base so the camera doesn't move. All though a tripod ideal, attaching your phone to your bag is an easy way to be able to take video anywhere.​